TRUMPF 3030 – Laser Cutting Technology

TRUMPF 3030 – Laser Cutting Technology

Laser cutting machine

The TruLaser 3030 laser cuttin machine with CO2 laser combine high performance with cut quality that is second to none. The TruFlow laser, which is robust and reliable, will provide you with extremely smooth mirro-image cutting edges which generally do not require post-processing.

Perfect quality

The TruFlow CO2 laser provides perfect, micro-burr-free cutting results.

Perfect edges

With BrightLine you achieve extremely smooth cutting edges in stainless steel.

  • maximum working range: 3000x1500 mm
  • maximum sheet thickness, mild steel: 20 mm
  • maximum sheet thickness, stainless steel: 15 mm
  • maximum sheet thickness, aluminium: 10 mm

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